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A veteran which really likes and respects the Second Amendment, Dan understands the big difference between army firearms combined with those accessible to civilians. He is dedicated to taking out the assault weapons as well as high capacity magazines in the streets. Helmer feels that Congress needs to pass legislation which bans the sale of assault weapons, prohibits the sale of higher capacity magazines and demands a licensing system to own a firearm.

Also, he supports requiring a background check for each and every gun purchase and regulating ghost guns. – Helmer supported Medicaid expansion in Virginia and also will continue to help the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a critical component of supporting Virginians access health care. without the ACA, more than 700,000 Virginians would still remain without health care. What has Dan Helmer successfully done to help healthcare for Virginians? If we are making it really expensive to educate children that only a few of.

although we have a lot of folks who could afford to pay for private education, and our existing schools could work much better for them. DH: Well, as a last resort, maybe we need to go back to. Folks can pay for it, then it makes sense to provide money to the clubs. They would better in case they’d more resources. KM: So we need to take money from the private sector to. Support public education? There are actually more children living in poverty. In 2024, the League of Women Voters of Virginia wrote that “Helmer has served the Commonwealth well during his six years as VA Commissioner.

Helmer has a track record of using issues straight to Virginia legislators & the public at large as well as making legislative and policy changes which be helpful to the state’s veterans.” The US Army Ranger Helmer served as part of a 75 man company with two RPGs and two machine guns if we did not require them for combat, neither need to average citizens. Helmer supports a ban on military like assault weapons in Virginia.

His experience is different because he has worked at all levels of government, including with members of the US Congress and also the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Just before becoming an educator, Daniel taught French in a public high school, served as a lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserve, and had several good career opportunities with the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and also together with the Secret Service. Helmer and his wife have had to control more than 230,000 in pupil loan debt while launching the family unit of theirs in Virginia.